Thinking Beyond Banking

Together with a top tier German bank, we created the bank of the future, by allowing users to interact seamlessly with the physical branch. We made it possible to make appointments via app and personalised the bank experience to each customer’s preference.


Loyalty 2.0

In the midst of busy airports and hectic business meetings, we leverage Miles & More lounges to create an oasis of relaxation for travellers. We connect with them from the moment they touch down, guiding them to the nearest lounge and offering completely personalised entertainment and relevant information, increasing satisfaction, sales and occupancy.

Hotel of the Future

HRS travelers have the most efficient travel experience. Forms are pre-filled out, doors are opened via an app. Personalized offers are tailored to the guest profile stored in the HRS app and are paid for while on the go – even if the traveler is already in the cab to the airport.In all “Smarthotels” flagged by booking portal HRS travellers have the most efficient travel experience to date. Guest forms are pre-filled for every future Smarthotel-Visit and doors open like magic via an app. The mobile Check-in and Check-out offers flexibility for the traveller and saves time for hotel staff.

In-flight Experience

With conichiwa, Zodiac Aerospace can recognise passengers and inform them quickly in the event of a delay. Passengers can communicate their in-flight preferences easily through the app and place orders directly. Payments are made seamlessly, eliminating the annoying search for the wallet in the luggage compartment.