innovate, design, accelerate,

your digital future.

We fuse the industry knowledge of our clients with the power of technology and the audacity and speed of a start-up.
Enabling companies to innovate, design, develop and accelerate their software projects by identifying digital opportunities and executing them, applying a transparent and measurable methodology.

How we do it?
The conichiwa solution algorithm.

1. Innovate

disruptive use cases

2. Design

with a human-centered approach

3. Build

custom digital solutions

4. Accelerate

on the conichiwa platform

Together with our product, design and software engineers we tackle your problem by developing concrete and disruptive software solutions. We define the type and scope of the solution and coordinate all technical requirements.

We take the previously developed use cases and design rapid prototypes to illustrate how your solution will look. In design sprints your ideas and concepts are transformed into software solutions built by our software engineers.

Taking the designed prototypes, our engineers start to build your custom digital solution. Working in agile sprints ensures a top-quality outcome paired with the maximum efficiency.

You made it! Your custom digital solution is ready to be launched. Now it is time to work on your roadmap for ongoing support to accelerate and maintain the digital evolution in your company.

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and digital worlds with

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