Your Proximity
Solutions Partner

In a digitalised world, connecting the offline world with the online world is the logical next step. We’ve specialised in creating experiences that connect people, things and places.

Why Proximity?

Technology is often inspired by nature. The jackdaw’s ability for facial recognition inspired our bluetooth-driven recognition approach to create innovative IoT solutions and elevate your customer experience.

Our Process

We combine design thinking expertise with hi-tech competence, allowing us to be your partner along the whole product life-cycle, from ideation to rollout.

Explore Examples

Time to explore what we can do for you. Take a look at how we helped our clients across multiple industries.

à la carte

Possible scenarios:
1. Integration of our market leading SDKs in your app
2. Our white label solution adapting to your demands
3. Development of your own app from scratch.

Nice to meet you!

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